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Our Services
  • Contract Negotiation - For new or existing services, with existing or alternative vendors, will obtain the best rates and terms for your business. We have over 30 years of combined experience, eliminating and combining contracts to give your business the flexibility it needs to operate and prosper.
  • Auditing - Of carrier local, long distance, wireless and network services as well as maintenance costs. After collecting and inventorying all associated billing, we will check for over charges, negotiate back credits and have your bills corrected going forward. We will ensure that your bills match the contracted rates and provide recommendations for savings.
  • Optimization - Of voice, data and video networks. We will present you with opportunities for cost improvement and improved quality of service, based on your unique needs.
  • Procurement Outsourcing - Of lines, circuits, network services, managed services, video, telecom equipment and more. Let us handle this function and free up your staff for operational duties. We have a proven track record of successful implementations and vendor relationships with national and global vendors.
  • Project management for all aspects of IT - We will handle the needs assessment, the RFP, assist with the vendor selection and manage the implementation of VOIP, MPLS networks, equipment installations and more.
  • IT/Telecom Lifecycle Management - Once contracts are identified, we can provide monthly or bi-annual tracking of liabilities and help you through any potential problem areas.


Call us and let's discuss how we can assist your firm with a project, vendor analysis or cost saving alternatives.


SMS will evaluate your vendor contracts and make sure you're not paying more than is necessary.

SMS will provide complete summaries and analyses of your contractual obligations, while recommending cost-effective resolution of problem areas.

Call SMS today to see how this seasoned professional and her team can help your business, your staff and your bottom line.

Since 1987, SMS has worked with numerous firms to eliminate liabilities, optimize network costs and reduce bottom line expenses in Telecom and IT while companies were bought and sold, resulting in millions of dollars in savings through contract re-negotiations and vendor relationship skills.