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Our History
  • In 1985, Suzanne Stingo (founder and owner of SMS) was employed as the National Telecommunications Manager for a manufacturing conglomerate, SCM. There was a hostile takeover bid from Hanson Industries, a major British takeover company. After months of negotiation, Hanson successfully obtained control of SCM. Suzanne was responsible for taking apart the network, closing offices, training divisions how to fend for themselves with vendors, resolving billing issues and negotiating in and out of various vendor contracts, as divisions were sold off or consolidated.
  • By 1987, Suzanne was an independent contractor working for Hanson and G O Holdings as they worked through many mergers and acquisitions. In 1989 SMS & Associates was created and the business expanded to include clients in the garment industry, ski resorts, hospitality, health care industry, publishing, banking, printing and numerous other manufacturing firms, while maintaining a long-term working relationship with the senior management of G O Holdings. Continued to work with this senior team as they acquired companies and created Jarden Corporation, a $6 billion consumer goods company.
  • Auditing of bills and cost-saving recommendations led to other projects such as PBX vendor selection, implementation of systems,contract negotiation, long distance and data network design and optimization, IP video network analysis and implementation, to name a few.
  • Today, the business is headquartered in New Jersey and includes associates that are called upon when needed for specialized or large-scale projects.



  • American Skiing Company - While contracted to be responsible for all of Telecom, negotiated and implemented a free fiber infrastructure with the LEC which allowed for NBC to broadcast from the Canyons Resort during the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, UT. An initial audit of bills and contracts led to an annual savings of over $1 million.
  • Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp) - Hired to manage the re-engineering of the Telecom department after a major acquisition. Re-negotiation of vendor contracts resulted in over $8 million savings. Returned a few years later to review bills and perform audits, which resulted in an additional $1.5 million in credits and adjustments.
  • Jarden Corporation - Worked with this management team over 20 years during many mergers and acquisitions, consistently reducing liabilities, managing vendor relationships, consolidating contracts, handling purchasing of all carrier services and realizing millions of dollars of savings on both IT and Telecom services and project implementations.